Work (restrictions / accommodations) to reduce the risk of complications, the individual may not be allowed to work during the early recovery period. Prolonged sitting, standing, heavy lifting, bending, working with the arms held overhead (spine extension), and climbing long flights of stairs may be temporarily restricted. buy viagra cheap Heavy lifting, carrying moderate to heavy loads, and performing overhead work may be permanently restricted. Adjusting worktable height and chair height and using footrests may benefit individuals with back problems. The individual may require frequent breaks. viagra patent expiration in us Temporarily working reduced hours may be necessary. Depending on the job duties, the individual may require a permanent reassignment of duties, which may necessitate retraining. Source: medical disability advisor failure to recover if an individual fails to recover within the expected maximum duration period, the reader may wish to consider the following questions to better understand the specifics of an individual's medical case. Regarding diagnosis: did individual report recent trauma? Was the mechanism of injury determined? viagra naturale italy Did individual present with findings consistent with a thoracic spine fracture? recreational viagra dose Was the diagnosis confirmed on x-ray? cheap viagra Were ct scans performed to examine fracture in more detail? viagra sale Was mri done to determine if soft tissue injury was present? buy viagra canada Does individual have a history of other spinal injury, osteoporosis, or other chronic illness? Regarding treatment: was treatment appropriate for the type of fracture? Was surgical stabilization required? Were analgesics effective in controlling pain? viagra online Would individual benefit from consultation with a specialist (neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, physiatrist)? Was individual compliant with treatment recommendations? Did individual participate in rehabilitation as recommended? Are there barriers preventing individual from participating in rehabilitation (insurance limitations, lack of transportation, lack of motivation, pain)? buy cheap viagra Regarding prognosis: has adequate time elapsed to allow for recovery? generic viagra online pharmacy reviews What was the expected outcome? Does individual have any pre-existing conditions (e. G. , osteoporosis, cancer, osteoarthritis, or other chronic illness) that may influence the length of disability? Did individual suffer any complications associated with the injury or with surgery? Have appropriate work accommodations been considered? Source: medical disability advisor references citedlane, joseph m..